10 September 2009

Improve Bussiness Web Traffic

Google has updating page rank few days ago. There are web hosting owner who laughing happily, there are web owner who sad knowing his web page rank just got beat up by google. Until now, page rank still become a valuable reference of a web or blog, such as report cards school. Especially for those who do want to download the coins of the blog page rank is very important. The higher the page rank the more social network and more ads. There is a saying popular "Failure is a Postponed Success". Maybe yesterday was lack of maximum web optimization, or maybe your web content is also web or blog. If visitors have a lot plus it has a lot of back links. Only a matter of time, it will follow. Page rank is one of the factors determining the ranking of Google search results. This shows that page rank is important for your website. I have two ways you need to do to improve your website page rank, which is looking for a lot of quality links directed to your website. Backlink that you should look is not any link, but the link quality. Next is to continue updating your business web directory. You must continue to be updated by adding the page or new post on a regular basis. For example, every two or three days you write 1 post on your blog and even better if you post an article every day. Google would page rank ever to continue with this blog is updated. Another very important is not to copy-paste the article to your blog. Because it will result in duplicate content, and of course Google does not like it. If you have to apply it well, will blog you will get a page rank and will increase along with the efforts you make. See also top 10 web hosting in webhostinggeeks.com.