11 February 2009

Have a cup of cappucino and enjoy

Coffee often referred to as Arabian wine, since its origin is from Ethiopia and middle east. The taste of coffee depends on the ground where it planted, the type of soil, the altitude, and the main thing is the quality of the seed and also the way of planting. There are 90 species of coffee plants, but the most valuable are two kinds called robusta and arabica. Arabica has a sense of yum, low caffeine and strong sour taste, while robusta has high kefein. If  you mix them with the appropriate dose then it will be born a new taste of coffee. European society, especially Italy, enjoying the so-called espresso, coffee is served with a special espresso machine then some coffee cream or juice will come out. There are many variant that can be created from esprese, such as cappuccino, latte, long black or Americana. The fundamental difference between the cappuccino and latte is in the amount of milk. Cappucino has less milk than latte, therefore cappuccino has stronger coffee taste.  Cappuccino coffee tastes more prominent because it is mixed with less milk than Latte. Cappuccino has two version, those are the dry one and the wet one. Dry Cappuccino has more foam, while wet cappuccino has less foam. Whatever your choice, it’s all up to you. It depending on your tastes. If you want to know more about cappucino and latte, just visit Master of cappucino and latte macchiato.