8 December 2008

Trade Show Exhibit

I actually have long PGN writing stories about this painting exhibition, what is one of 11 June 2006, when I fraudulent Jalan2 to the city, and surrounding areas two mango, I stop by the bank independent kemuseum located right across the busway stop the city, encouraged a sense it's because it has never visited the Museum Bank Mandiri also curious to see the trade show exhibits held in the Museum Bank Mandiri.
Yah, while a dive exceeded two islands, as saying a word, while melihat2 museum also melihat2 painting exhibition, painting exhibition itself was inaugurated pembukaannya new morning, so I see the preparation they have not yet 100% complete. However, some painting works X-Ling has been exhibited. Paintings as a simple pencil sketches play but, in general I see a painting sketch is very good, original, simple but still detail. Painting the sketch in barengi seuntai words flow heart of the painter.
Own paintings reflect atmosphere around the old town and surrounding areas.
And more interesting, this time the world is seen as the creative industry (or prospective industry) who have to sell the value of foreign countries. Alias, we have free time I sell commodity goods, but also selling services brain, that I will have the utmost to come. Who participate in exhibitions in the field of creativity is very diverse. Total trade show exhibit approximately 25 participants include animation house, games, multimedia, illustration, advertising, architecture, interior, photography, publishing, and also the schools.