21 October 2008

Show Your Guts, Earn Money and Make Your Charity

You certainly know Angelina Jolie. Famous American celebrity. But do you know that she is also a philanthropy? Philanthropy or normally known as the people who care and love one another in give wealth to help other people. They spend the funds for charity is very big, can be billion, but for Angelina it easy because he is a big income and get big paid from her film . And whether income must be great to be able to do first? Of course not, for those of you who want to have savings in the Hereafter, but does not have many funds, you will be able to do, especially you also have gut. Join the dare dealer. A community for those of you who have gut and generous. Have a look at what some of our members are doing to promote their causes of choice, while earning a little something extra on the side for themselves. They're doing everything from funny stunts to feats of athletic strength and endurance. Either someone else's support or dare do one for yourself. To participate, upload a video to the site detailing what you plan to do for charity. It's automatically pushed to the YouTube website. After you raise the money, you post a second video showing that you actually did the dare you said you would, and the money gets disbursed to the charity. To give everyone a chance to raise money, every participant must donate $ 10 to someone else's dare in order to do their own. Yes, so easy to do. You do not need to make every effort to build a foundation like Angelina. Only with the Charities online you can also become filanthropi. If still in doubt, try to check some of the testimony by the member at free profiles. Once sure, what are you waiting for? Join and be filanthropi. Have fun!