23 July 2008

Gold Investment

Investment is one of the things that needed to be out of the game that Rat Race was introduced by Robert T Kyosaki through the book Rich Dad and Poor Dad. Gold investment is one of the most favorite because the price is relatively stable and rarely go down. Although be regarded as a safe investment, any form of gold investment is still leaving the opportunity at risk, according to the concept of high risk high gain. According to Alfred this is very related to the knowledge of the gold market for investors. Risk is related to the market, can be through the news, the gold correction may happen. He was to predict future when the world recession that is getting worse to the global depression, the initial reaction from the movement of gold price will decrease, but over time will be able to ride again.
As investment, gold coins are usually more profitable than jewelry, considering the need to buy jewelry making Fees that can not be you 'claim' to sell again when the gold is. Save some of your assets in the form of gold is something which I wisely in the market is not stabilized. Will be at risk if you keep all your assets in the form of a gold course, keep the principles do not put your eggs in one basket, except for those who like the investment with a high risk (speculation), and select gold as the main investment and the only one.
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