15 May 2008

How To Treat Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer occurs because of the growth of cells that are not controlled from the cells of the mammary gland caused by many factors, such as genetic factors or descent, living patterns of unhealthy eating and also due to radiation or chemicals. The initial symptoms in the form of a lump that is usually perceived differently from the surrounding breast tissue, painless and usually have an irregular edge. In the early stages, when driven by a finger, a lump can be moved easily under the skin. At an advanced stage, the lump is usually attached to the chest wall or the surrounding skin. In advanced-stage cancer, can form a swollen lump or breast skin ulcers. Sometimes the skin over the lump shrank and looked like an orange peel. Other symptoms that may be found in a lump or mass in the armpit, change the size or shape of the breast, an abnormal discharge from the nipple (usually bloody or yellow to green, may also be pus), change in skin color or texture in the breasts, nipples and areola (dark brown area around the nipple), breast looks red, the skin around the nipple scaly, nipples are interested in or feel itchy, painful swelling of the breasts or one breast. At an advanced stage may arise bone pain, weight loss, swelling of arms or ulcerated skin. There are many possible ways of treating breast cancer. In coping with breast cancer it would be better to also try how to safely and naturally, using herbal therapy, because therapy does not contain chemical herbs that could make it worse, but it contains herbal plants that are efficacious and safe. Many risk factors cannot be controlled. Some diet and cancer experts believe that the changes in diet and lifestyle in general can reduce the incidence of cancer. Clinical Breast Examination and mammography as a screening procedure is one to detect cancer earlier. Windows XP photo albums and picture viewing.