29 October 2009

Math Is Easy and Fun

Mathematics is always make a forehead wrinkled to student. Not to forget, parents also sorry if the children do not get good grades in math. There are many misleading myths about math. These myths gives a big hand in making some people do not like math. As a result, the majority of students get bad grades for subjects such as: Algebra 1, Algebra 2, not because not able to, but because from the beginning has fear or lazy to learn math. Although many, but there are five myths that have been rooted misguided and create a negative perception of mathematics. So many students need an Algebra 1 help and Algebra 2 help.
The first myth, mathematics is a science that is very difficult so that only a few people or students with a certain minimum IQ can understand it. This is clearly misleading. Though not the easiest science, mathematics is a science which is relatively easy when compared to other sciences. Math was difficult for our students because they do not understand the concept of numbers and concepts correctly size during primary school. If the concept of numbers and size-controlled, then analyze and calculate the work becomes easy to solve and fun and there are no more difficulties to find the Algebra 1 answers and Algebra 2 answers.
The second myth, mathematics is the science of recitation of the many formulas. This myth makes lazy students studying mathematics and ultimately did not understand anything about mathematics. In fact, true science is not memorizing mathematical formulas, because without understanding the concept, which already memorized formulas will not be useful. A person who memorized the quadratic equation will not be able to answer these questions if they are not able to model the problem into a quadratic equation. Indeed, only a few mathematical formulas necessary (but not necessarily) to be memorized, whereas most of the other formulas do not need to be memorized, but quite understandable concept. The third myth, math was always associated with the speed of counting. More precise is math simplify associated with mathematical understanding and reasoning. The fourth myth, mathematics is the science of abstract and unrelated to reality. This myth is wrong, because the facts show that mathematics is very realistic. Meanwhile, five mentions the myth, the science of mathematics is a boring, stiff, and not recreatif. All these  myths are wrong. Anyone can learn to solving equation well. Algebra 1 problems and Algebra 2 problems are gone. Therefore, our main task is to knock down false myths surrounding mathematics