25 September 2009

The Side Effects of Botox

Botox produces a good face shape and create a lean jaw and feminine without surgery. Botox is useful for rejuvenating face quickly with an easy way (instant Rejuvenation). At the time we were face expression, for example, would laugh lines appear next to the eye. These lines (referred to as crow's feet) will increase with age. With a little Botox is injected into the side of the eye, wrinkles will disappear, also those times when we laugh. Can also be used for wrinkles between the eyebrows (as was thought), and wrinkles on the forehead. In addition, Botox is used to raise eyebrows and reduce excessive transpiration as in the armpits or the palms of hands. Please note that immediately after the injection the patient is not allowed to lie down for 3 hours, for fear of Botox flow to other muscles that are not intended to be attenuated. Side effects that occur when Botox is flowing in the other muscle is: can the eyelid down side (usually already disappeared after 2 weeks), or become too high brow or asymmetric.
Botox is a natural protein, which is purified, which can result in the form of a smooth face and young. Does not require anesthesia, Botox is inserted in the muscle by injection using a small needle. Only takes 10 minutes, only a small number of injections and your jaw muscles will look subtle. The discomfort is minimal; most patients describe it as an insect bite for a few seconds. There is no down time for this treatment and you can immediately return to normal activities.
The possible side effects of botox injections are short term, including swollen, blue, and stiff when chewing hard foods on the first few weeks. Chewing and swallowing food will not influence. Hyperhidrosis or commonly known as excessive sweating, affects millions of people. This problem can occur in some parts of the body including arms, legs, and underarms. Botox will overcome the sweat at the source, will be injected at certain gland that causes excessive sweating, and will inhibit the release of chemicals that cause evaporation. Botox helps control this condition by temporarily blocking chemical signals from nerves that stimulate sweat glands. Side effects The most common is the increase in sweat in places other than the armpit, pain at the injection site, the heat and feeling weak in the arm.