11 July 2008

Vacation To Europe

Finally, after a long time, I can go to Europe .I successfully get a visa to go to some countries in Europe. The first country to visit is Netherlands. The first time I arrived in Schipol Airport. I was amazed. The building in that modern airport is very clean and there are so many facilities I could get. Then I go to Hotel Amsterdam to stay. The first day I was visiting Keukenhof to see the carpet colors tulip flowers bloom that is located not far from the Delft.
Next destination is Barcelona. I think Barcelona is a city that is very interesting and a worth place to holiday, especially for those who love photography, because a lot of beautiful buildings and beautiful scenery. If you are also have plan to go to Barcelona, reserve online Hotel Barcelona just like me.
After a holiday in Barcelona, I made the Irish as the next holiday destination. Ireland is an island located on the northwest continental Europe. Island that has more than 4 million people is divided into two countries, namely the Republic of Ireland with capital city Dublin, Northern Ireland wint capital city Belfast. Mountains, the flowers, cliffs, lakes and the sea iare many places that I enjoyed there. For shopping, Dublin where I stop. Dublin is very imposing affair for leisure, tourism and shopping. Many places with old amazing taste is here, such as Dublin Castle, Trinity College, The Custom House, O'Connell Street, and many more. Hotel Dublin is the place whre I spend the nights in Dublin, it is one of the hotel you can reserve online.