12 June 2008

The Combination of House and Insurance

For those who just married or new family must have desire to buy their own house. Then when is the good time to buy a house? The following guidelines are suitable for those who want to buy a house. In my opinion the good time to buy a house:

first is when there are enough money to buy a house in cash. If you already have money, all you need is only to find a house soon that match and adjust the budget. The second is when the amount of money already collected as a deposit at least 10% if you consider buying a house by prĂȘt immobilier.
The idea to buy a new house is you must have a certain amount of money first. And also adjust the price of the house with our financial ability. However, before deciding to buy a house, look at our first cash flow. Do not be forced to buy a house that could difficult your life because of the repayments of money is too much. Usually the bank has been assessing the financial capacity first.
In addition to the house, there are two important things: insurance or assurance for your home and health insurance / mutuelle pas cher>. Well, wish a happy life for your family.