9 May 2008

Have U Ever...

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Barusan ngecek2 "my document" di laptop, trs nemu artikel yg isinya tentang pertanyaan2 kek quiz dan pengen gw jawab buat diri gw ndiri (biar keliatan kl lg nganggur :p). Here they r the questions & anwers:


1. Been in love: ow yeah

2. Cried when sumone died: yea...my beloved papa

3. Picture ur crushed naked: nope

4. Actually seen ur crushed naked: can I just skip this question?

5. Broken sumone’s bone: once I kicked my friend’s knee, I didn’t know if it was broken or not.
So, that counts?

6. Picture urself naked: no no no

7. Wanted sumone u knew u couldn’t have: yeah....e’time I think about wentworth miller

8. Drank alcohol: couple times when I was 10 years old and knew nuthin bout what have I drank

9. Lied: helloooo.... I’m only human!

10. Who knows u most: my fam...?

11. Cried when u drove: uh-huh

12. Sit by the phone waiting 4 a call all nite: iuwww no way!

13. Wish u were sumone else: sometimes I just wanna be wentworth’s GF

14. Fallen 4 ur best friend: *remembering*…..nope

15. Ur best friend fallen to u: ah…yea….3 times

16. Been rejected: nope

17. Been in lust: heheh….yup....

18. Used sumone: nope

19. Been used: good question ehehehe

20. Cheated on sumone: almost...and I felt very bad

21. Been cheated on: nope...not that I know

22. Open minded: yup

23. Simple or complicated: complicated, for sure

24. Ur biggest fear in the world: God

25. One thing u hate most: nightmare

26. One thing u like most: knowing it was just a nightmare

27. Hugging or kissing: both hehe

28. Who is the one u want to hug & kiss: oh not to mention here

29. Purple or green: blue!

30. Black shirt or white shirt: I’m a black freak!

31. Been thinkin to kill sumbody: emon, si om hahaha……c’mon, I’m not a criminal

32. Who do u want to meet: right now? My man

33. Flowers or candy: absolutely CANDY!!

34. What do u notice 1st w/ the opposite sex: eyes and nose

35. Body size does matter to u: not really

36. The most question u hate: how many times have u ever been in luv?

37. Person u hate the most: I’m a loving person so…none

38. Handsome but have no money OR ugly but rich: handsome & rich

39. Online friend u want to meet: e’one in my list

40. Chocolate OR ice cream: ice cream w/ chocolate chips on top

41. Aerobic OR jogging: swimming! Definitely swimming!

42. Being a virgin OR not: next question please, ahahaha kidding. I choose to be virgin but I respect anyone who choose the opposite

Done! 42 questions. Capek...sekarang waktunya tedor sore gegegege


  1. komen pertama. Kayak ngisi bulletin board di FS. huhahahhaa

  2. @ don danang: ini namanya bulletin blog pak :D

  3. FS banget nih..!
    wanna kill me huh??
    do you really wanna kill me??

    there's a hole in my heart, a big one..
    wanna make it worse??


  4. @boodee:wah di FS gw g pernah dpt ginian, adanya cuma undangan reuni :p

    uuuuu dalem kali pak..."a hole in my heart".... gw tambal sini *nyari semen* gyahahaha :p

  5. Bikin pertanyaan sendiri di jawab sendiri? Cape deh....

  6. BAGUSS2..BUAT INTROPKSI DIRI LAH...COAB DITERUSKAN BAKAT MU...coba sekali ngomong sam tembok...biar tambah pinter

  7. @pudi-interisti: maap ye pak, itu pertanyaan ada di harddisk, punya adek gw dan kata dia dptnya dr website tentang personality quiz. Bisa diterima? Plz do not judgmental here :)

  8. @ republik-gaptek: yeah introspeksi diri perlu bgt, dan kekna lo perlu ngelancari nulis jg kali ya, masih kebalik2 tulisannya hehehe. Ngomong ama tembok? Pengalaman pribadi lo ya? Gw mah mo pinter ga pk gitu2 kallee :p Aneh juga cara lo ya hihihi