26 April 2008

The Right Time To Gold Investment

If you want to invest the gold, then you should buy gold coins or buy gold bullion. According to the experts, international price of gold at the end of the year 2009 will reach U.S. $ 1600 per ounce tray, while this article was written gold price of U.S. $ 869 per ounce tray. In March 2009 a new international gold price reached U.S. $ 940 per ounce tray, at this time the price has come down quite dramatically, so I gather it's now a good time to buy gold, before prices rise again and again.
Unlike trading in stocks in which money can be obtained only if the market rose, the gold market to provide profitable opportunities if the price falls. In the gold market, a trader can make a good buy long when it expects the price increase or sell short if it is the price will go down. In this case, the gold market offers the flexibility of more than simply buy and hold strategy. Although the technique is different, the basic rule remains the same, buy low sell high.
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