16 April 2008

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franchise is a system of distribution of goods or services to end customers, where the brand owner (franchisor) gives rights to individuals or companies to conduct business with the brand name, systems, procedures and methods that have been defined in the previous period of time covering a particular area . Business franchise is a way you can do for ways to increase your profits and minimize risk at the same time. Buying into a franchise gives you an immediately recognizable brand name and logo and you usually get great support from your franchisee to help you get started and maintain your business to the best possible standards.

Franchise was first introduced in the 1850's by Isaac Singer, the Singer sewing machine, when you want to improve the distribution of sewing machine selling. Next business franchise growing year by year. Most of us connect franchise with the food business. In fact, the franchise business includes all business. franchiseadvantage.com is an online directory of franchise for sale and Bussines for sale. In this website you there are many franchise business, new or established franchise. There are over 28,000 business and the franchise is there in the user directory.

You interested? Now it's time to start a business to increase our assets.

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