14 February 2008

Time To Do Exercise

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Do not assume the sneakers that you usually wear on walk are suitable for exercise or doing sports. Eventhough you do your exercise at home, such as using reebok exercise ball, you still need a pair of sport shoe. Here are some tips that can be use as a reference in choosing shoes to exercise: First of all, do not make your shoes multifunctional. Shoes for the road are usually harder / solid, for sports shoes (running) are more flexible, with extra padding to reduce vibration effects. For both activities, you should purchase of each pair. Then measure the leg periodically. Do not think the size of the foot does not change after today. According to the research, the day the size of one's feet can change. Double-check the size of your feet at least twice a year. Foot size can develop depending on the activity. Try to buy shoes when the feet are felt in its greatest size. Adjust the thumb rule. Note the ideal range of shoes with your toes, your foot and ankle. If it is too loose would be skid, but it's too tight can also make blisters. Last but not least, sports shoes can be replaced after use as far as 500-600 kilometers. Also, if the bottom soles started become thin and felt uncomfortable again, it is time for you to shop again. If you want to go to shopping mall after the exercise, you can change your sport shoes into hush puppies shoes or Jessica Simpson Clancey Boots